Ferroum Equitorium Equitas - Knights or Riders of Iron Horses

Custom Riders 

Referring to both the customised bikes, as well as the
customised persons. Our bikes, our club and we are
different from what people are used to.


A different way to the usual
Changed and chopped according to taste
One of a kind
Not standard


Owners & Riders of their Iron Horses
Members and their families

1. Aim and purpose of the club
1.1 To enjoy our country’s roads as a family
1.2 To have as many Custom bikes on the road as possible
1.3 To enjoy rallies, day jols and breakfast runs as a club
1.4 To party together at meetings (get-togethers)
1.5 To build contacts
1.6 To help each other with problems
1.7 To unite the different types of persons and their bikes in the Custom Riders
motorcycle club.

2. Club rules

If any person does not adhere to the club rules he will be penalised accordingly
2.1 Each member to notify the President or Vice-President, if he/she cannot attend
or will be late for an organised event. Failure to do so will result in a R50-00
2.2 No drugs will be allowed if a member is wearing his/her colours, or in the
presence of other members.
2.3 All members must attend 50% of orangised events unless pre-arranged.
Centre patch or top rocker will be removed until the Family Weekend if the
attendance has gone above 50% again by then. (Measured from AGT to AGT
and only including one AGT in the attendance cycle).
2.4 Any member who miss-behaves, which results in a disgrace to the club, will
bear the consequences of his/her actions, according to the severity of their
behaviour. Centre patch or top rocker will be removed for six months.
2.5 Should a member wish to invite a non-member to an organised club event
he/she must make prior arrangements.
2.6 Colours are only allowed on black leather waistcoats.
2.7 Club members are not troublemakers, but should a problem occur, everybody
will stand together – “All for one, one for All”
2.8 No cloth badges are allowed, only metal badges on a leather waistcoat.
2.9 Colours to be worn at all times as far as any biking events are concerned (no
colours will result in a R50-00 penalty)
2.10 Only members who have been with the club for longer than 5 years may tattoo
the club's name or logo on them.
2.11 No female could be elected as a President or Vice-President of a chapter.
2.12 Once a member has resigned from the club, he/she will not be allowed to wear
another club's colours for at least 3 months.

3. Club Fees
Joining fee and monthly fee will be charged at discretion of each chapter, after it has
been discussed with the National President.
3.1 Club fees will only be utilized where the whole club will benefit.
3.2 Club fees will be revised each year.
3.3 Individual chapters will be responsible for their own bank accounts and the
finance thereof.

4. Club Colours

4.1 Will only be supplied by National Chapter, as to form a set standard.
4.2 Only black leather waistcoats to be used.
4.3 5 Year members will wear a leather patch.
4.4 No cloth badges allowed on waistcoat.
4.5 Leather colours will also be made by the National Chapter.
4.6 Colours will remain the property of the club.
Colours to be worn at all times as far as any biking events are concerned (no
colours will result in a R50-00 penalty)
5. Meetings
Frequency and venue will be at the discretion of each different chapter
Meeting agenda’s should include:

*events happening (input of everybody present - Majority Rule)
*club fees
*problems and proposals
*new members
*feedback on other chapters and local biking associations.
All members must attend all meetings.
All the above includes pillions as well.

6. Membership

To become a member of Custom Riders each potential new member should decide
if he/she wants to commit themselves to a long-term relationship with Custom

The aim of Custom Riders is Custom Bikes.

All bikes above 400cc are welcome in the club. The goal will always be to have as
many custom bikes as possible.

New members should be in the possession of a valid driver’s licence and out of

Joining procedure:
6.1 Download and complete application form and hand in at local chapter.
6.2 Once the President and his committee are happy with the prospect's
commitment towards the club, he/she will receive their top rocker from his/her
local chapter.
6.3 If all committee and 5 year members agree, and the prospect has attended at
least one AGT or Club Family Weekend, paid his club fees, and a Member
Approval form will be completed and sent for final approval by the National
6.4 Full colours will only be handed out at the annual AGT or Club Family
weekend, after attending either one of these events previously.
6.5 New members will be responsible for their own leather waistcoats.
All the above includes pillions as well. All pillions should have a strong, stable
relationship which has been going for longer than a year (12 months)

7. Chapters

A member can only start a chapter if:
7.1 He has been with the club for longer than 1 year (12 months), as a full patched
7.2 The minimum of 6 motorbikes.
7.3 The member who starts the chapter will be a vice-president for the first year,
thereafter he will become a president of that chapter after all agreed (voted).
7.4 Each chapter’s committee will be re-elected by means of a vote, every two
years starting at the 2017 AGT. Jakes & Colette will each have 2 x votes and
each full patch member, will have a vote.
7.5 Members will only be allowed moving to another chapter, should it be because
off geographical reasons

8. Annual Get Together (AGT) 

The AGT is compulsory for all members

8.1 5 Year members will receive their colours and year bars only at the AGT.
8.2 5 Year colours will only be handed out to members who has at least attended
x3 AGT's
8.3 A different chapter will be hosting the AGT each year on the last weekend in
July or the first weekend in August.
8.4 Approved new members will receive their colours at this event if point 6.3 and
6.4 has been adhered to.

9. Club Family Weekend

The family weekend is compulsory for all members and the aim is to improve the
bond between members and their family
9.1 Approved new members will receive their colours at this event if point 6.3 and
6.4 has been adhered to.
9.2 Close family members (wife’s and children) are encouraged to join
9.3 This event will take place annually on the last weekend in February.


Custom Riders MCC is a registered close corporation (cc), registration number:

Custom Riders MCC was found and formed by Jakes Oosthuizen (National
President) and registered as the owner of this Motorcycle Club on 3 May 1995.
Should you as a member experience difficulties with regards to your president, a
written complaint must be forwarded to where the
necessary steps will be taken.

Any other matters, which may arise from time to time, and are not mentioned in the
constitution, must be consulted with the National President before any decisions can
be made.