Jakes Oosthuizen

Jakes is the founder of Custom Riders. Many people have joined the club over the years, and a select few have stayed with the Club almost as long as the club is running. The club members see each other more as family, rather than just club members.

Jakes has a big heart, and this shows in most aspects of his life. He has the ability to be calm and always wear a smile with grace, no matter what the situation is. He's a person that every member knows they can count on, no matter what. 

 Jakes has been instrumental to the success of Custom Riders because of his leadership abilities. He is a role model to many in the biking community.  Jakes and Colette are also the founders of the Poison Rally. The biggest and  best Rally is SA!

 Both Jakes and Colette have enjoyed biking for many years. Their career has led them to settle in Hoedspruit. But that does not stop the pair from still enjoying the biking life and running three Chapters across the country.